*The Devil's Heir stained edges

*The Devil's Heir stained edges

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Twice Calla Jones was found drenched in someone else’s blood. ​

She walked in to find her grandmother dead on their kitchen floor.

Grandmother can’t hurt her anymore.

She’s dead and Calla’s finally free. 

Now living in the small-town of Diablo, Washington, Calla is slowly learning what it means to be a regular teenager. But Sunday mass at St. John's Catholic School for Girls could never have prepared her for the return of the town’s founding family, which is said to include the Devil himself.


Calla thought she knew what hatred felt like but when Luke Hale glares down at her with his midnight eyes, she knows she’s wrong. Luke is rumored to be the son of the Devil but not even a hundred Hail Mary’s can keep her away. Despite what his eyes say, his touch leaves her aflame and it’s a burn she’s afraid she’ll come to crave.




*These are ARC copies that I have on hand to personalize and send out. As they're ARC's, there are minimal errors within the text. As such, they're slightly discounted for the inconvienence! Thank you for your understanding. 

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